Free and swift shipping

Upon placing an order of 100€ or more, you are guaranteed to enjoy free shipping irrespective of your locality.
Tip: To enjoy great quantity discounts, you can opt to choose a bigger bottle.

Swift processing of orders

Shop with us today and get your order processed instantly. We confirm and disburse received orders for shipment from Monday through Friday, at 2:00 PM GMT+1.

What about delivery delays?

Basically, the time taken to deliver depends on your locality.

  • Europe: It takes about 5 – 8 days
  • North America: It takes about 6 – 9 days
  • South America: It takes about 8 – 12 days
  • Asia: It takes about 10-15 days

Do we offer package tracking services?

Yes, all the disbursed orders are All deliveries are on track in our system :