The Top 10 Most Common Mistakes CBD Beginners Make

We all have been beginners at some point and when it comes to CBD it is easy to say that we all have made at least one of these mistakes while starting out on CBD!

Not choosing a high-quality oil

As you may already know, CBD is extracted from hemp, and hemp quality can vary dramatically. Some hemp qualities are substandard as they are bio-accumulators. They can extract toxins from the soil, which can be then found in your tincture if not correctly filtered out. These toxins can prove to be quite harmful to the body, and so the best way to get a better quality and organic hemp product is to buy one that is grown and processed with the highest quality standards. A good quality CBD oil is not only the result of a quality harvest; the extraction method is also a defining factor in determining the final quality of the oil. Cheap extraction processes using ethanol are a manufacturing method that is still used by many oil companies.

Too much CBD to start with

Follow the instructions on the bottle and start with those recommendations. The typical instruction advises that one should take 20 drops, twice a day for those starting out on CBD. For many people, even this small amount can prove to be a little excessive in the initial phases. In these rare cases, symptoms like joint pains, fever, and body aches can pop up.

Too little CBD to start with

As we’ve mentioned before, different people have different intake mechanisms and absorbing capabilities; hence too little CBD may not be enough for their specific purposes. CBD is not addictive, and it shows no amount of propensity for abuse. While some can see the results almost immediately after taking the doses, some bodies take time to acknowledge it. You can increase your dosage from the initial 20 drops by a drop or two if this is the case for you.

Quitting it all of a sudden

When our bodies start being accustomed to a particular substance, which we then quit all of a sudden, it can prove extremely harmful to the body. Quitting CBD just because you do not immediately see the results is not the solution. Some people get the results very soon; for others, it requires some time to get finally see any benefits.

Not consulting a physician

Taking in and regulating the dosage on your own can be harmful. Your body may need a certain amount of CBD, and you may be providing it with the wrong amount unknowingly. Again, if you are not seeing any results and start increasing the dose, or vice versa, it can be confusing for your body. It is better to first consult a CBD coach before taking matters into your own hands.

Opting to buy the cheapest oil

Opting for the cheapest oil can often leave you high and dry when it comes to feeling the benefits associated with CBD and can in fact leave you in a troublesome situation. When it comes to the well refined products out there, these are the ones that scientists have analysed in order to assess their overall usefulness. As a result of these analyses, based from using quality products, the result has been the recognition of its use value leading to its legalisation in many countries worldwide -UK inclusive. However, some states are still lagging behind in that regard

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made while using CBD?

Now it’s your time to share the biggest mistake you’ve made while taking CBD! Don’t worry, we have all been there before!

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