The Little Girl Whose Story Shook the Entire Medical Community

Children are adorable and extremely sweet. They live a life full of peace and happiness with no responsibilities or worries. They are the ones for whom we fight – and I personally would give my life for my children. However, not all babies are lucky enough to live out this stress-free and innocent experience. Some are forced to go through the trials of severe pain and worry from the very first days of their lives.

The story of Little Charlotte is one such as this. Just three months after she was born, she was diagnosed with Dravet’s syndrome, which is a rare form of epilepsy. During this time, she suffered her very first seizure which lasted for about 30 minutes in one horrific stretch.

As she grew older, her seizures increased, and she began to suffer from multiple seizures each day that lasted for a total of about 4 hours. By the time that she was two years old, Charlotte began to show signs of autism and cognitive decline. Quite often, she would experience severe outbursts leading to self-harm and injury and she became reluctant to make eye contact with anybody around her. By the time she turned three, she was already wheelchair-bound and had ceased to talk or eat.

Did the medications help?

Charlotte was treated using authorised traditional medications and showed NO signs of improvement. On the contrary, her condition further worsened as time went on. She was put on heavy-duty medication, which at that point in time led to a very difficult life. By the age of five, Charlotte was already suffering from 300 intense seizures a week – seizures that made her heart stop working on numerous occasions. Her grandfather started reading up and researching her condition and came across a story about a boy diagnosed with the same illness. This story informed them of an option that they were previously unaware of – and one which gave them hope of a way out of their situation, using medicinal cannabis. Since there was practically no other option left, Charlotte’s family decided to give it one last shot – deciding to try a special cannabis on her that contained a high concentration of CBD.

What were the results?

Once they tried this method, the results were nothing short of miraculous. Where not a single medicine had worked for her previously, and the condition had worsened with each passing day, cannabis managed to improve the condition dramatically. The seizures diminished from 300 times a week to absolutely zero in that first week of trying the new method out. Her mother was even quoted confessing that Charlotte’s brain started showing connections like never before in the previous years. As the medication worked wonders for her, her parents started looking out for somebody who could provide them with hemp oil on a long-term basis. This was when the Stanley brothers came onto the scene.

What was the outcome?

The Stanley brothers were medical marijuana growers in Colorado. They made a mixture of industrial hemp and low THC cannabis. After her parents started giving this new medication to little Charlotte, they saw the results almost immediately after using their blend. Seeing the strain working so well on Charlotte, the Stanley brothers re-named the medication Charlotte’s web in her honour. Hers is the plant that produces the highest level of CBD (~20-25%) while keeping a very low THC ~1%.

Charlotte now leads a healthy life with much fewer seizures. She gets seizures probably twice or thrice a week, can walk and usually talk like any other girl her age. The news of her miraculous recovery has since spread everywhere, and many doctors around the globe are prescribing the use of cannabis for similar patients.

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