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High-Quality CBD oil


High Purity

The CO2 extraction of CBD from the hemp guarantees CBD that is 99.95% pure, without the presence of any pesticide or heavy metals.


Free From THC

To ensure that our product is 100% THC free, we extract CO2, isolating it from the CBD, at the industrial hemp.


Extra Virgin Oil

To guarantee nutritious, tasty and healthy CBD oil, we use extra-virgin olive oil (cold-pressed) base.


Tested by a 3rd party laboratory

To validate the quantity and the purity of our CBD oils, we test them all in independent laboratories at all times.


100% authorised

With no trace of THC in our cannabidiol oils, they are fully authorised in most countries all across the globe.


The most natural cannabidiol oil

Our oil is 100% natural, as we don’t add artificial colouring, flavours, or taste.

Unadulterated Cannabidiol oil making process

Seven years ago, when I started to talk about CBD, I was making my very own CBD oil. With some raw hemp material, it is all simple, not forgetting some ethanol It acts as a solvent, taking the required molecules from the plant to the solution. Afterwards, I would filter the solution, recovering a green liquid that I would vaporise for a couple of hours, resulting in a green oily paste that is full of CBD.

Although this process looks simple you have to learn that there are a number of drawbacks experienced while using this method :

  • Ethanol extracts almost everything from the plant, without the exception of chemicals like chlorophyll which in turn gives the oil an awful green taste.
  • Ethanol absorbs THC from hemp and THC into the final oil, the resulting product may be illegal in the UK, and other nations.
  • Heavy metals and pesticides are absorbed by hemp from the soil, which you may find them in your CBD oil after the alcohol extraction!

Dry-ice, ethanol and alcohol can be used to extract CBD, these methods are perfect for personal use but may not be viable when you want to produce great quality CBD oils like we do at Naturitious. The public needs to grow in knowledge and understand the difference between CBD oil companies because a vast majority of those companies are still using a rough alcoholic extraction process with all the disadvantages that come along but at a way cheaper price …

CBD extraction methods

Marc Endevor, Naturicious Founder

You must be careful purchasing CBD on unknow sites, Internet is brimming with marginal CBD oil organisation or individual making hemp oil in their washrooms (I saw it). I need to guarantee you that in Naturicious Laboratory we apply the most elevated security and sterile conventions. Every one of our products is made utilising C02 super-basic extractor to accomplish the most noteworthy immaculateness level while expelling undesirable THC and other synthetics.

The CO2 Supercritical Mining Process

The extraction of carbon dioxide is a straightforward process that uses massive and expensive machines. Heat and pressure are used to pull the present phytonutrients in plant fibres. Carbon dioxide plays a key role, as a tunable solvent, meaning that it effectively works as a regulator in adjusting the pressure as well as heat; thus helping in the separation of a wide range of materials.

The term “supercritical” represents the carbon dioxide’s state, which owns the property of gases and liquids. This extraordinary state essentially aids it to act as a permeate plant matter or a gas when carrying the phytonutrients as a fluid. Above 87.98°F (critical temperature) and 1,071 psi (critical pressure), carbon dioxide is said to be in its supercritical state.

This process has illustrated great levels of efficiency, thus making it the only viable way to produce pure, clean, and high-quality CBD oil. CO2 is also used as a powerful agent for sanitising, giving a prolonged shelf life to a product. So far, this is the safest as well as the cleanest method of CBD oil extraction from plants.

All of our oils pass through a laboratory test

Assured of Cannabinoids quantity

Every time we make a production (which usually happens 4 to 6 times a year) we select random samples and dispatch them for analysis by an independent lab (Fundacion Canna). The result findings are of so much importance to us as well as to you as they ensure that our Cannabidiol oil and tinctures have the right amounts of CBD written on the bottle.

Also, these results illustrate that our produced oil has zero traces of THC as well as other unwanted cannabinoids. Once you place an order on our Naturicious oil, you have the assurance that you will have zero psychoactive or “high” effects and that you will stay in perfect legislation with your residential country’s authorities.

The Microbiological Environment Analysis

The law demands us to deliver a complete cannabinoid profile analysis of all of our Cannabidiol products. Obviously, we comply with this directive, and we also go an extra mile by having a complete analysis of the microbiological environment on our CBD oil. The analysis, as mentioned earlier, is taken by an external laboratory, guaranteeing high quality and accurate results revealing that our CBD oil is among the purest oils all across the globe.

Our journey does not end here...

With more than 5 external analysis applied to our products, we clearly know what we make and sell. The authorities are aware that we respect the law, and our clients comprehend what they are consuming by buying from Naturicious. Basically, all the parties are winners and happy as well.

How do we process our CBD oil?

Hemp farming

We work with a fully registered EU hemp ranch that produces great quality strains while regarding nature. They don’t utilise pesticides, substances or heavy-metals, plants remain sound from the grow to our last oil product.

Trimming hemp

We carefully hand-pick any unwanted material from the industrial hemp; to be left with parts containing high amounts of Cannabinoids.

CO2 Extraction

The plant material is crushed to a powder and then put in a C02 extractor. The machine utilises carbon dioxide to separate as well as compressing the cannabinoids, fibres, and terpenes. It acts as a solvent, just like ethanol, but its way better for the environment. This technique has a number of benefits to offer: with the powerful separation of the plant elements, we are able to eliminate all of THC that is believed to make people high, and also the removal of chlorophyll that is known to give the CBD a disgusting taste.

Winterisation (wax-removing)

We use a procedure called Winterization to isolate undesirable wax and plant materials from our solution. The procedure is basic, we add some ethanol to our CBD rich oil and we at that point put the solution in a cooler to chill it off. After several hours, it’s freezing to make insolubility between the CBD oil concentrate and the unwanted waxes and fats.


During our very last refining process of the Cannabidiol oil, we use a rotary evaporator. This procedure isn’t essential however at Naturicious it’s a point of respect to do so in light of the fact that it guarantees that our Cannabidiol oil goes past the normals quality rules.

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Tetrahydrocannabinol (?? THC) molecule is responsible for the psychoactive/high effect one experiences after smoking marijuana as it activates a chemical receptor one’s brain CBD, being the second component of hemp, can be said to be almost similar to THC, only that it acts on different brain receptors that conduct appetite, pain, or sleep. So, in short, we can conclude that these two compounds are used for two varying purposes: the first one is for the well being (Cannabidiol) and the second one being for recreational purposes (THC).

To ensure we offer a helpful product that any person can use at any given time of the day, we remove all the traces of Tetrahydrocannabinol in the oil-making process. Some clients use it before bedtime, while others during breakfast and others take it before commencing on heavy workouts. Each one of them has his/her own habits, but the most important note to remember is that our CBD is THC free, and is fully in adherence with the law, and will never cause any psychoactive effect.

As a Cannabidiol company with a high reputation, we can not easily instruct how much CBD one may need to take per day. Why? As of now, there still lacks a precise dosage or posology prescribed by officials authorities. Some years back, it was generally impractical to prescribe the required dosage as well as the amount for a client. But as of today, with the ever-increasing interests, we can deduce information from quite a great number of online reviews that may further help us comprehend what worked for people.

We did this work and end up with a very useful tool to help you calculate your CBD dosage.

Please note, this calculator is not meant to detect, treat, prevent or cure any disease. Consult with your doctor to help you know if you can take CBD, and which dosage is right for you.

There has always been a big confusion about hemp oil and cannabidiol oil and it is very essential to clarify this out.

Cannabidiol (and THC) are not present in natural hemp oil.

Hemp oil is made using cold-pressed seeds then filtered as quite a number of vegetable oils can easily be found in the local market. These seeds are in exception of cannabinoids like Cannabigerolic acid (CBGa), ?9-tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCa), Cannabidiolic acid (CBDa) or Cannabichromenenic acid (CBCa)

This oil is very nutritious and can be used in food seasoning as well as cooking. These seeds contain high levels of Vitamin-E, vitamin B1 (thiamine), alpha-linolenic acid, and iron (1.8 mg / 25 g).

The health benefits of hemp seed oil:

  • Saturated fatty acids: 3-7%
  • Monounsaturated acids (omega-9): 5-9%
  • Polyunsaturated acids (omega-3 and omega-6) : 75-85%
  • Oméga-3: About 24 %
  • Omega-6: About 60%

What exactly is CBD oil?

The same type of plant, but different growing strategies

The production of hemp oil is completely different from the production of CBD oil as in hemp oil, the farmer intends to maximise on the seed production while in the case for CBD oil, the farmer does not wish to produce any seeds as they take lots of energy thus reducing on the quantity of Cannabinoids produced by the hemp.

To ensure that high-quality seeds are produced, the farmer needs to ensure that he/she has a balanced ratio of female and male plants that will reproduce themselves, thus producing large quantities of seeds. Using this method, farmers that are using registered industrial hemp seeds (Futura 75, Finola, Fedora 17, Felina 32, etc …) are guaranteed to harvest up to 2 tons per hectare (ha) of raw seeds.

On this page you can find a summary of the last news and researches from scientist publications sources. Most of these reasearches are pre-clinical conclusions on small groups of people or observations on animals, this article or our products are absolutely not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your professional healthcare for any specific condition.

The Endocannabinoid System, which was discovered in the ‘90s decade of the last century, is of great benefit to a human body. The main reason that is responsible for the amazing works of hemp oil than other oils is it is naturally extracted from the plant. The system is made up of chain receptors in the human brain, immune system, central nervous system, which response to the cannabinoids from the hemp plants. What are some of the outstanding benefits of hemp oil on our bodies?

  1. Fight against Inflammations (temporary inflammations)It is known to everyone, the pain has an extraordinary assortment, which can be on tissues, muscles, or joints. The exceptionally old utilisation of cannabis by humankind is for its pain calming quality. As per different investigations, cannabinoids from hemp oil can give a cooling impact on brief aggravation.
  2. Aids in Relieving Stress: In this perplexing world, countless individuals, just about 33% of the all-out populace, are experiencing a furious life and welcome uneasiness in life to make the issue in the individual’s system. Significant research on military veterans shows that the employments of cannabinoids help in decreasing tension, just as, improves the adapting capacity.
  3. Supports a Healthy Heart: It, for the most part, found that the cannabidiol, CBD, is considered primarily as a substance that gives help from pressure, pain, and uneasiness, yet inquires about indicated that the hemp oil is having the potential in the advancement of a healthy heart. Essential examinations, on this issue, recommends that cannabinoids in hemp oil might be of incredible help pulse, as it can unwind and augment of veins.
  4. Aides in Expelling Joint Discomfort: Cytokines, having professional fiery properties, are basically answerable for joint irritations. It has been proven that the cannabinoids having the nature of battling transitory irritation, hemp oil can be of extraordinary assistance in giving joint solace from intense agony. Hemp oil isn’t just for relieving joint pains; it is additionally useful in supporting joint wellbeing when all is said in done.
  5. Helps in Fighting Insomnia: In this unpredictable world, where an individual needs to battle with numerous chances for his own reality, regularly created restlessness or sleep deprivation, which is generally found particularly in urban zones. Aside from amendment in the way of life of the affected individuals, the hemp oil can be of extraordinary assistance in accomplishing a quiet and sound rest.
  6. Fight off Free Radicals: Environmental contaminations, prepared foods, high-control practice are subject to a more significant level of unsafe oxidants, which give heaps of unsettling influences in the ordinary existence of a person. The hemp oil separate contains extremely amazing cancer prevention agents and is useful for stress mitigating, through battling free radicals.

Searching for a physical shop isn’t the best alternative in light of the fact that on the web you have increasingly decision and more data about the item. At the point when you realise how to purchase your oil from an extraordinary maker like Naturicious there is no compelling reason to search for shops close to you. Here on this site, you can discover straightforwardly the entirety of our research facility investigation and you will find that our cannabidiol is one of the most flawless on earth.

Have a go at heading off to a hemp shop and request the lab investigation of a particular item, you’ll be shocked to see that just a couple of brands will furnish you with those essential lab results.

Charlotte web is the strain that made CBD popular, I suggest that you read the tale of Charlotte to better comprehend what it’s about.

As we noted earlier in “Charlotte’s story” the very first oil made for the young lady was Rick Simpson oil. This procedure is the means of removing cannabis with the use of Ethanol to make a drinkable slick solution, presently this procedure is truly normal and we think a lot about what it does to the plant.

Be that as it may, when we talk about Charlotte web’s oil we don’t generally discuss the extraction strategy yet progressively about the strain of hemp. Initially, Charlotte Web is currently an exclusive brand and we don’t generally have the foggiest idea who are the individuals behind this surely understand name yet they are obviously not the person who made the first oil and we don’t have the foggiest idea whether they utilise a similar strain with respect to Charlotte.

Charlotte Web oil and Naturicious oil can’t generally be looked at in light of the fact that Charlotte Web is a helpful oil while Naturicious’ one is for your prosperity and there is 0% THC in it. We don’t generally know much of the first charlotte web recipe, however, we know without a doubt that it was an answer containing an elevated level of CBD and THC on a full range board.

I thought you had found THE Best spot to purchase your oil 😉

Keeping the jokes aside, we offer all the assurance that you need, a reasonable site loaded with fascinating informations, 3 cannabidiol oil with different concentrations, a verified online checkout, a quick conveyance to you place anyplace in the United-States and a productive client assistance here to assist you with anything identifying with Naturicious or Cannabidiol.

We are ready to receive and process your order today!


They are numerous approaches to take CBD, some use it in a vape, some smoke it (not prescribed) others use it in topical or eat it as oil, chewy candies or edibles

The most ideal approach to take your oil:

Initially, you need to comprehend that this fat isn’t your commonplace cooking oil, we don’t prescribe to warm the oil since it debases the nature of the cannabidiol detaches.

The most ideal approach to absorb oil is to place it on your mouth end let it act a couple of moments; a minute or two. This way, you will absorb the CBD extremely quick without any losses.

Our nutricious oil can’t be full range since we expel all the THC from hemp concentrate to make a product without psychoactive impact.

New age tranquilises tests can have any kind of effect among THC and CBD, and you won’t be recognised positif to opiate use if you just took CBD. There has been a couple of cases on the Internet where we discovered some CBD clients getting controlled decidedly to tranquillise use.