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High-Quality CBD oil


High Purity

The CO2 extraction of CBD from the hemp guarantees CBD that is 99.95% pure, without the presence of any pesticide or heavy metals.


Free From THC

To ensure that our product is 100% THC free, we extract CO2, isolating it from the CBD, at the industrial hemp.


Extra Virgin Oil

To guarantee nutritious, tasty and healthy CBD oil, we use extra-virgin olive oil (cold-pressed) base.

broad spectrum CBD cannabidiol oil

Tested by a 3rd party laboratory

To validate the quantity and the purity of our CBD oils, we test them all in independent laboratories at all times.


100% authorised

With no trace of THC in our cannabidiol oils, they are fully authorised in most countries all across the globe.


The most natural cannabidiol oil

Our oil is 100% natural, as we don’t add artificial colouring, flavours, or taste.

Unadulterated Cannabidiol oil making process

When I first started talking about CBD 7 years ago, I used to make my own CBD oil. It’s very simple, you just need some raw hemp material and some ethanol. Ethanol act as a solvent and takes the interesting molecule from the plant into the solution. Then I would filter my solution to recover a green liquid that I let evaporate for some hours to find a green oily past full of CBD.

While this process is simple you have to learn that there are many disadvantages using this method :

  • Ethanol takes everything from the plant including unwanted chemicals like chlorophyll that gives the oil a bad green taste.
  • Ethanol takes THC from hemp too and THC into the final oil, the product may be forbidden in some U.S states and other countries.
  • Hemp takes everything from the soil, including heavy metals and pesticides, you’ll find them in your CBD oil after an alcohol extraction!

CBD can be extracted using ethanol, alcohol or dry-ice, those craft extracting methods are OK for personal use but absolutely not when you want to step up the game and produce only the purest CBD oil as we do at Naturicious. The public needs to grow in knowledge and understand the difference between CBD oil companies because a vast majority of those companies are still using a rough alcoholic extraction process with all the disadvantages that come along but at a way cheaper price …

CBD extraction methods

Marc Endevor, Founder of Naturicious

You must be careful purchasing CBD on unknow sites, Internet is brimming with marginal CBD oil organisation or individual making hemp oil in their washrooms (I saw it). I need to guarantee you that in Naturicious Laboratory we apply the most elevated security and sterile conventions. Every one of our products is made utilising C02 super-basic extractor to accomplish the most noteworthy immaculateness level while expelling undesirable THC and other synthetics.

C02 extraction to remove THC in the CBD oil

The CO2 Supercritical Extraction Procedure

Carbon dioxide Extraction happens to be an elaborate procedure that makes the most of expensive and massive machinery. The use of pressure and heat pulls the phytonutrients present in the plant fibers. Carbon dioxide acts as the tunable solvent which means it works effectively as a regulator to adjust the heat and pressure level in order to separate a wide range of materials.

The term “supercritical” stands for the state of carbon dioxide which owns the property of both gas and liquid. This amazing state enables it to act as gas and permeate plant matter while carrying phytonutrients as a liquid. Carbon dioxide is in its supercritical state when it is held above 87.98°F (critical temperature) and 1,071 psi (critical pressure).

The only way to create clean, pure, and superior quality CBD oil is by this process for it has proven to be of the highest efficiency. CO2 also works as a powerful sanitizing agent and prolonged the shelf life of a product. It is the safest and by far the cleanest extraction method from plants.

All of our oils pass through a laboratory test

Assured of Cannabinoids quantity

Laboratory analysis report for cannabinoids concentration in Naturicious CBD oil

Every time we make a batch (we produce our CBD oil 4 to 6 times a year) we send some random samples to an independent laboratory (Fundacion Canna) for analysis. Those results are very important for us and for you because they guarantee that our cannabidiol oil and tinctures contain the exact amount of CBD that is written on the bottle.

Secondly, those results demonstrate that our oil contains no THC or other unwanted cannabinoids. When you order your oil on Naturicious you have the certainty that your product will produce zero psychoactive or “high” effect and that you will stay in perfect legislation with the authorities of your residential country.

The Microbiological Environment Analysis

Microbiological analysis by certified european laboratory, high quality CBD oil by Naturicious

The law demands us to deliver a complete cannabinoid profile analysis of all of our Cannabidiol products. Obviously, we comply with this directive, and we also go an extra mile by having a complete analysis of the microbiological environment on our CBD oil. The analysis, as mentioned earlier, is taken by an external laboratory, guaranteeing high quality and accurate results revealing that our CBD oil is among the purest oils all across the globe.

Our journey does not end here...

With more than 5 external analysis applied to our products, we clearly know what we make and sell. The authorities are aware that we respect the law, and our clients comprehend what they are consuming by buying from Naturicious. Basically, all the parties are winners and happy as well.

Heavy metal report analysis by french laboratory, best cbd oil without heavy metal, made with organic hemp seed oil
Our Cannabidiol oil have been certified by third party laboratory ; No pesticide residues
CBD crystals laboratory analysis, 0% THC, premium quality CBD crystals

How do we process our CBD oil?

Hemp farming

We work with a fully registered EU hemp ranch that produces great quality strains while regarding nature. They don’t utilise pesticides, substances or heavy-metals, plants remain sound from the grow to our last oil product.
We use organic hemp from Europe for our hemp seed oil

Trimming hemp

We carefully hand-pick any unwanted material from the industrial hemp; to be left with parts containing high amounts of Cannabinoids.
We remove unwanted material from cannabis, we only use the best part of hemp to make our cannabidiol oil

CO2 Extraction

The plant material is crushed to a powder and then put in a C02 extractor. The machine utilises carbon dioxide to separate as well as compressing the cannabinoids, fibres, and terpenes. It acts as a solvent, just like ethanol, but its way better for the environment. This technique has a number of benefits to offer: with the powerful separation of the plant elements, we are able to eliminate all of THC that is believed to make people high, and also the removal of chlorophyll that is known to give the CBD a disgusting taste.
C02 extraction is a high-tech method to extract cannabidiol and to make CBD oil without THC and 0 psychoactive effect

Winterisation (wax-removing)

We use a procedure called Winterization to isolate undesirable wax and plant materials from our solution. The procedure is basic, we add some ethanol to our CBD rich oil and we at that point put the solution in a cooler to chill it off. After several hours, it’s freezing to make insolubility between the CBD oil concentrate and the unwanted waxes and fats.
Winterization and distillation are used to remove wax, chlorophyl and other residues of hemp


During our very last refining process of the Cannabidiol oil, we use a rotary evaporator. This procedure isn’t essential however at Naturicious it’s a point of respect to do so in light of the fact that it guarantees that our Cannabidiol oil goes past the normals quality rules.
Distillation is the final step to make Naturicious high quality CBD oil


The high/psychoactive effect that comes with smoking marijuana is made by the Tetrahydrocannabinol (?? THC) molecule that activates a chemical receptor in the human brain. CBD is the second component of hemp, it acts the same way as THC but on different brain receptors that conduct pain, appetite and sleep. So we can really say that those compound are for two different purposes: The first is recreational ( THC) while the second (Cannabidiol) is for the well-being

In our oil making process, we remove any trace of Tetrahydrocannabinol because we want to offer a helpful product that anybody can take at any time of the day. Some of our clients use it before going to sleep, some others use is at breakfast and some others take our CBD drops before and after heavy physical training. They all have their habits but most importantly they all can be sure that our CBD oil contains 0% THC, is fully legal and will never trigger any psychoactive effect.

As a respectable Cannabidiol company, we cannot tell you how much CBD you need to take daily, because there is not yet a clear dosage or posology recommended by officials authorities. Some times ago it was pretty difficult to know the correct dosage and quantity of CBD for an individual … but today with the rise of interest we can read and analyze a large number of online reviews that can help us understand what worked for peoples.

We did this work and end up with a very useful tool to help you calculate your CBD dosage.

Please keep in mind that this calculator is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your doctor to know if CBD is suitable for your case and what dosage you should take.

There has always been a big confusion about hemp oil and cannabidiol oil and it is very essential to clarify this out.

Natural hemp oil does not contain any Cannabidiol (and THC)

Hemp oil is not made using plant fibers or flowers but using only the seeds that are cold-pressed and filtered as most of the vegetal oil you can find on the market. These seeds don’t contain any cannabinoids like Cannabigerolic acid (CBGa),  ?9-tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCa), Cannabidiolic acid (CBDa) or Cannabichromenenic acid (CBCa)

This oil is in fact very healthy and can be used for seasoning your meals or cooking. These seeds come with high levels of Vitamin-E, vitamin B1 (thiamine), iron (1.8 mg / 25 g) and alpha-linolenic acid.

Nutritional values of hemp seed oil :

  • Saturated fatty acids: 3-7%
  • Monounsaturated acids (omega-9): 5-9%
  • Polyunsaturated acids (omega-3 and omega-6) : 75-85%
  • Oméga-3: About 24 %
  • Omega-6: About 60%

What is CBD oil ?

Same plant, different growing strategies

Producing hemp oil is different from producing CBD oil because in the first case the farmer wants to increase its seed production to the maximum while the second one doesn’t want his plants to produce any seed (they take energy and reduce the quantity of Cannabinoids produced by hemp).

To make a plant produce a high quantity of seeds, farmers need to grow a hemp field with a natural ratio of male and female plants that will reproduce themselves and make a big quantity of seeds. With this technique, producers using registered industrial hemp seeds (Finola, Futura 75, Fedora 17, Felina 32, etc …) can harvest about 2 tons per hectare (ha) of raw seed.

On this page you can find a summary of the last news and researches from scientist publications sources. Most of these reasearches are pre-clinical conclusions on small groups of people or observations on animals, this article or our products are absolutely not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your professional healthcare for any specific condition.

Endocannabinoid System, discovered in the ‘90s decade of the last century, is beneficial for the human body and the reason behind the marvelous work of hemp oil than other oil, extracted from the plant. This system is nothing, but a chain of receptors found in the brain, central nervous system, immune system, which response to the cannabinoids from hemp plants. Some of the major benefits of hemp oil on our body are as follows: 

  1. Battled against Temporary Inflammation: It is known to everybody, the pain has a great variety, which can be on muscles, tissues or joints.  The century-old use of cannabis by the human race is for its pain-relieving quality. According to various studies, cannabinoids from hemp oil has the ability to provide a cooling effect on temporary inflammation. 
  2. Helps in Stress Relieving: In this complex world, a large number of people, almost One-third of the total population, are going through a hectic life and welcome anxiety in life to create disorder in the individual system. An important study on military veteran shows that the uses of cannabinoids help in reducing anxiety, as well as, improves the coping ability.
  3. Supports Healthy Heart: It generally found that the cannabidiol, CBD, is considered mainly as a substance that provides relief from stress, pain, and discomfort, but researches showed that the hemp oil is having the potential in the promotion of the healthy heart. Primary study, on this issue, suggests that cannabinoids in hemp oil may be of great support blood pressure, as it has the ability to relax and widening of blood vessels.   
  4. Helps in Eliminating Joint Discomfort: Cytokines, having pro-inflammatory properties, are principally responsible for joint inflammations. It is proved that the cannabinoids having the quality of fighting temporary inflammation, hemp oil can be of great help in providing joint comfort from acute pain. Hemp oil is not only calming joint pains; it is also helpful in nourishing joint health, in general. 
  5. Fights Insomnia: In this complex world, where an individual has to fight with many odds for his own existence, often developed sleeplessness or insomnia, which is commonly found especially in urban areas. Apart from rectification in the lifestyle of the affected person, the hemp oil can be of great help in achieving a peaceful and sound sleep. 
  6. Battle Free Radicals: Environmental pollutions, processed foods, high-power exercise are liable for a higher level of harmful oxidants, which provide lots of disturbances in the normal life of an individual. The hemp oil extract contains very powerful antioxidants and is helpful for stress relieving, through fighting free radicals.

Looking for a physical shop is not the best option because on the internet you have more choice and more information about the product. When you know how to buy your oil from a great producer like Naturicious there is no need to look for shops near you. Here on this website you can find directly all our laboratory analysis and you will find that our cannabidiol is one of the purest on earth.

Try going to a hemp shop and ask for the laboratory analysis of a specific product, you’ll be surprised to see that only one or two brands will provide you with those necessary lab results.

Charlotte web is the strain that made CBD famous, I recommend that you read the story of Charlotte to better understand what it’s all about.

As we explained in “Charlotte’s story” the original oil made for the little Girl was a Rick Simpson oil. This process is a way of extracting cannabis using Ethanol to make a drinkable oily solution, now this process is pretty common and we know much about what it does to the plant.

But when we talk about Charlotte web’s oil we don’t really talk about the extracion method but more about the strain of hemp. Firstly Charlotte Web is now a proprietary brand and we don’t really know who are the people behind this well know name but they are clearly not the one who made the original oil and we don’t even know if they use the same strain as for Charlotte.

Charlotte Web oil and Naturicious oil can’t really be compared because Charlotte Web is a therapeutical oil while Naturicious’s one is for your well-being and there is 0% THC in it. We don’t really know much about the original charlotte web formula but we know for sure that it was a solution containing high level of CBD and THC on a full spectrum board.

I think you already found THE Best place to buy your oil 😉

Joking apart we offer all the guarantee that you need, a clear website full of interesting informations, 3 cannabidiol oil with various concentrations, a secured online checkout, a fast delivery to you place anywhere in the United-States and an efficient customer service here to help you with anything relating to Naturicious or Cannabidiol.

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They are many ways to take CBD, some use it in vape, some smoke it (not recommended) some use it in topical or others eat it as oil, gummies or edibles.

The best way to take your oil :

Firstly you have to understand that this fat is not your typical cooking oil, we do not recommend to warm the oil because it degrade the quality of the cannabidiol isolate.

The best way to assimilate oil is to put it in your mouth end let it act for one or two minute. In this way you will assimilate the CBD very fast without loss.

Our nutricious oil can’t be full range since we expel all the THC from hemp concentrate to make a product without psychoactive impact.

New age tranquilises tests can have any kind of effect among THC and CBD, and you won’t be recognised positif to opiate use if you just took CBD. There has been a couple of cases on the Internet where we discovered some CBD clients getting controlled decidedly to tranquillise use.